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A community for gay movie snobs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A community for gay movie snobs

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good flicks abound...some TV too! [Apr. 24th, 2010|03:39 am]
A community for gay movie snobs
Have you seen "COWBOYS & ANGELS" - superb Irish Indie, don't miss!  Join list with SHELTER, BOY CULTURE, JUST A ? OF LOVE. MYSTERIOUS SKIN, THE TRIP & scores of others.  See Top 100 list on After Elton on LOGO or other such lists that contain mostly pretty good flicks... Though I don't care for some of the sillier or even what I think are insulting, i.e. some of the Adam & Steve or "Another Gay Movie" types! 

Good TV too:  Have you caught HBO's TRUE BLOOD (Its not a cheesy Vampire or camp series...}  Its entire Production is incredibly qualitive! Actors are great - terrific casting; direction & writing - even locations are great.  See it, if you dont get HBO you can usualy find it On Line somewhere - one of the free TV sites, like SIDEREEL...
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Hi! [Mar. 8th, 2010|07:18 pm]
A community for gay movie snobs

Name: Chew (just the way my actual name's pronounced)

Age: 19


A movie you saw recently and what you thought of it: Get Real. The ending could have ended more happily, but I guess the open ending leaves space for crazy fanfiction. The plot is very real, and the way the main character acts is more realistic (or maybe, how I would think it's better to react) than most other films. I love this show. Gonna watch it again! :D

Your opinion on abortion: If it makes the life of the mother better, or if it means the child won't be born into neglect, then okay. But I would still think a chance at a life is being taken away.

Your favorite disease, and why: Syphilis. I like the sound of it.

A great movie: A Walk to Remember

The first movie you remember having an effect on you: Deep Impact. I remember crying damn bad, just because my dad was pretending to cry.

Favorite porn: I don't know where to watch actual porn. Anyone? :)

Eleven random facts about yourself:
1. I'm straight.
2. My favourite colour is green.
3. I found the joy of gayness through fanfiction.
4. Only my second sister and I like gays in my family.
5. Everyone else in my family (I think even my parents) know I like gays.
6. My favourite food is Korean BBQ pork belly.
7. I'm not rich.
8. My favourite number is 3 because my birthday falls on that date.
9. My favourite month is December.
10. My favourite holiday is Christmas.
11. I play approximately 6 games on Facebook.

Anything else you'd like to add?:
I joined this community in hopes of getting recommendations to good gay movies and stuff. :D
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Thumbnail LGBT Film Reviews [Oct. 26th, 2006|01:15 pm]
A community for gay movie snobs

This is probably a bit ambitious for my first "official" post, but since I've already posted these reviews on my own LJ, I thought I'd just dive in and put them all up at once.

Our cable company offers a Video on Demand network called here! that offers queer films, documentaries and television series (like Dante's Cove). Over the past six months, I've rented quite a few films that are reasonably obscure and behind the cut you'll find my reactions. Please don't be hurt or upset if I'm critical of your favourite film; I'm very tough to please.

Film ReviewsCollapse )

Also, I'm looking to find anyone who may have seen The Sticky Fingers of Time. I don't know much about it, other than that it's something to do with time travel and lesbians. I'm not much of a genre fan but, if a film is unique enough (think Donnie Darko or Buckaroo Banzai), I can enjoy sci-fi as much as the next guy. Any opinions on this film?
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Introduction [Oct. 25th, 2006|07:54 am]
A community for gay movie snobs

Name: Blake Fraina
Age: 29
Location: State of CT, US
A movie you saw recently and what you thought of it: The Notorious Betty Page. Entertaining, but I was disappointed that, for a Mary Harron film, it didn’t seem to have a strong POV. With the exception of a bit of wishy-washy First Amendment stuff, the film didn't seem to have much to say. Plus, Gretchen Mol’s performance, while perfectly adequate, was very overrated by film critics, in my opinon.
Your opinion on abortion: As a women’s rights issue, I believe that abortion should remain legal. In general? I can’t say abortions make me think of ice cream sundaes, colourful balloons, puppies and kittens or anything. It is, I imagine, upsetting and unpleasant.
Your favorite disease, and why: Not exactly a disease but - Munchausen Syndrome or Factictious Disorder. Why? Because I know more hypochondriacs than I do people with actual diseases, so these are my own personal diagnoses of many of my acquaintances.
A great movie: Wings of Desire
The first movie you remember having an effect on you: The Snow Goose w/Richard Harris and Jenny Agutter.
Favorite porn: I guess I should be ashamed to admit that I don't watch enough to have a favourite.
Eleven random facts about yourself:
1. I’m a crazy cat person (six in the house, five neutered strays in the barn)
2. I was born on All Saints Day (1 November)
3. I keep failing at veganism because I can’t give up cheese and tuna salad (and leather).
4. I bite my nails.
5. GAP is my favourite brand of jeans.
6. I’m a card carrying member of the ACLU and, of late, have been considering joining the US Communist Party.
7. I plan my vacations around restaurants.
8. Growing up, the Rock Follies was my favourite television show.
9. A magazine quiz recently helped me to determine that I fall into the “Check Me Out” category of pack rats [meaning, my huge collections of books, CDs, DVDs and boots are intended to impress others with my style and coolness. Uh...yeah, okay.]
10. I live in a 101 year old house (that badly needs a paint job).
11. Today, I have a torn hamstring muscle that is not getting better.

anything else you'd like to add?: I ‘ve been watching a lot of EXTREMELY obscure queer films on here! lately and was hoping to put up some reviews in this community and maybe get some discussion going on them (presuming others here have seen them). Is that okay?
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please allow me to ... [Oct. 21st, 2006|08:43 am]
A community for gay movie snobs

Name: Geoff, Aunty Fou, Madame
Age: 31
Location: Toowoomba
A movie you saw recently and what you thought of it: Twenty Nine Palms - exquisite, self absorbed, attrocious, brilliant, mind-numbing but I loved the way skin looked on bare rocks
your opinion on abortion: you can pry the vacuum cleaner and coat hanger from my cold dead hands
your favorite disease, and why: melancholia - connected to the biles, the physical manifestation of the heart's ache
a great movie: Derek Jamran's Edward the 2nd
the first movie you remember having an effect on you: The rocky horror picture show
favorite porn: hairy armpit
eleven random facts about yourself:
1) geoff no 5 alive
2) coffee
3) i like to garden
4) whisper walt whitman poems in my ear
5) I am an isthmus... and I don't like christmas
6) i have cows living across the road from me
7) gregg araki's career path puzzles me
8) I love
9) I don't like Steve Irwin
10) I probably would have been to shy to be fistfucked by Michel Foucault
11) One day I will cut my hair like Camus
anything else you'd like to add?: it up
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2006|03:12 am]
A community for gay movie snobs

[mood |busy]
[music |Modest Mouse- Satin in a Coffin]

Hi. I'm Mabry. Not Mabs. Not Mabe. MABRY.

I'm too young but not old enough.

I'm currently squatting/residing/renting in New Orleans.

Hm. A few hours ago I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas just for the hell of it and because I hadn't watched it in a while. The characters are a lot more bland than I remembered.

Abortion should be legal. I'm pro-choice- women should decide for themselves whether or not they want to go through the whole ordeal.

My favorite disease is not truly a disease, but more like a.... mental illness. I guess it could qualify. I don't know. Multiple personality disorder. The voices!

I think a good movie is Maurice...but it's not something everyone will like.

When I was young(er) I watched Fight Club and I loved it to bits. It has a strong homosexual and anarchist's message and is quite scientific. Still one of my favorite movies.

I think I live on Waycest.

1. I have chronic insomnia.
2. I love to write, read, and act.
3. I WILL call/comment/email you at ungodly times in the AM to tell you random, meaningless things.
4. Erm. It's not about myself, but My Chemical Romance is playing on SNL tomorrow.
5. I like to play music very loud and because of this I sometimes have no control over the PITCH OF MY VOICE. (And anyone who got that, I love you.)
6. I've been called a freak 19 times in my life, a monster 8 times, and a bimbo once.
7. I like to fight, whether it be through verbally or physically.
8. However, I do not start fights.
9. I sing aloud 50% of the time, dance 20% of the time, and use the rest of the time looking up new songs to sing and dance to.
10. I'm an egotistical megalomaniac. No, actually, I'm not.
11. And for the 11th fact, I love gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered films, books, clips, etc. Just keep the suggestions coming.

I need some gay books to read. Please, suggestions.
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Women in Love DVD Release! [Jun. 7th, 2006|04:48 pm]
A community for gay movie snobs
Hey everyone,

I work for a relatively new independent LGBT film distribution company in NY called Outcast Films. Women in Love, Karen Everett's documentary about her own experiences with poly relationships, will soon be released on DVD and I just wanted to give you guys the heads up. Check out the info below and pre-order your copy of this wonderful film NOW!

More info about the film and OutcastCollapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2006|03:07 am]
A community for gay movie snobs

[mood |hornyhorny]
[music |stupid girl- garbage]

Name: megan/wanda/medea/medicine
Age: n/a numbers don't exist
Location: indiana, but we're moving soon
A movie you saw recently and what you thought of it: uhm, i watched corpse bride a few hours ago and i love it.
your opinion on abortion: it should be legal. if you have a problem with it, don't get one done. but don't take someone else's rights away
your favorite disease, and why: schizophrenia. it's the most interesting.
a great movie: velvet goldmine (i'm listening to a song off the soundtrack, so it;s the first film thet popped into my mind)
the first movie you remember having an effect on you: Scream
favorite porn: uhh...anything gay????
eleven random facts about yourself:
1) i have a foor fetish
2) i'm trying to be an isomniac.
3) elliott smith is yelling at me.
4) i find steve carell to be increddibly hot. <3
5) i'm confuzzled.
6) my fishnets ripped earlier while i was thinking about the sexxiest boy on the planet.
7) my bum's rather small :(
8) i'm not going to play any pranks today (april fool's day)
9) i miss derik :(
10) i dunno what the fuck to write...
11) i love shirley manso...oh godd...shirley manson...
anything else you'd like to add?:
i love shirley manson...i'm fantasizing bout shirley manson right now....
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Getting to know me... [Jan. 30th, 2006|03:52 pm]
A community for gay movie snobs

Location:Houston, Texas
A movie you saw recently and what you thought of it: I saw Gangster No. 1 recently, out of love for David Thewlis and Malcolm McDowell. I really enjoyed it, even though the references to Clockwork Orange occasionally became oppressive. I ended up actually liking Paul Bettany’s performance more than I like McDowells’ and, if I had my way, I would have cut out the bookends. Thewlis was amazing, though, and I love Bettany’s character’s pseudo-homoerotic crush on him. I highly recommend it to anyone with a fondness for gangster movies and a strong stomach.
your opinion on abortion: Not my business what other people do with their body. I feel that a fetus isn’t a human until it gains consciousness and since we cannot determine that, I think everything up to second trimester abortion is okay. No restrictions; I believe that if the woman can live with herself, I can live with her.
your favorite disease, and why: sociopathy, because I like movies and books about serial killers. It comes from my upbringing in horror, I imagine. I don’t think I’d want to meet a sociopath, though.
a great movie: The Curse of the Cat People. (The one from the forties, though I like the trashy one with Malcolm McDowell from the eighties. I watched the original because of a great book called “The Kiss of the Spider Woman” (anyone who is interested in queer films ought to read that; it’s set in an South American prison, stars a drag queen and a revolutionary and they talk about movies the whole time) and I watched the remake because David Bowie sung the theme song.)
the first movie you remember having an effect on you: Pulp Fiction, definitely. It taught me that a good movie could be really entertaining too. I saw it in a Media Studies class and my teacher skipped over the Gimp bit. That ticked me right off (Denying a girl of her BDSM is not on); I went out, bought it and loved it. Immediately bought Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown, and the rest is history.
favorite porn: Totally not legal yet, but I like me some written erotica.
eleven random facts about yourself:
-I started taking Ancient Greek to read Sappho and dropped it once I had enough to do so
-I believe in a civilian army and thing we should serve two years after high school, like the Israelis do.
-I have a creepy little crush on Quentin Tarantino and would totally hit that.
-I keep on having to prevent myself from going to San Antonio and Stalking Robert Rodriguez.
-I plan to be useless to society when I grow up: in other words, I want to get a PhD in philosophy.
-I find Derrida hilarious to read.
-I’ve been in HP fandom far too long already and wince in real life when ever I hear the word “Harmony”
-I’m incapable of walking without falling over; I’ve had teachers recommend getting me a walker on my report card.
-I love movie violence. Especially when it’s really, really hokey.
-I read trashy science fiction in equal measures with really fucking pretentious philosophy.
-I really, really enjoy Cotswold cheese.
anything else you'd like to add?:Not really.
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2006|05:07 pm]
A community for gay movie snobs
[mood |has to pee]
[music |sufjan stevens- the predatory wasp of the palisdes...]



Location: oberlin college/sacramento CA

A movie you saw recently and what you thought of it: erm, i saw brokeback again recently, but that's too obvious to comment on. (altough i will recommend the short story extremely highly). before that i saw trainspotting again, which is brilliant, of course, and ed wood for the first time which i thought was HIGHLY amusing and joyful. but then, it's tim burton and depp, wich is always a good combination.

your opinion on abortion: i don't find it murder in the early terms. and though the father should ideally have a say (if it was a consentual accident), it is ultimately the woman's body and her choice.

your favorite disease, and why: if sudden infant death syndrom (SIDS) had an adult manifestation then it would be SADS. wich is awesome.

a great movie: dead man.

the first movie you remember having an effect on you: um, aladdin. because i wanted to be him.

favorite porn: something a little more aesthetically pleasing than the cum-on-your-face fake-moaning zoomed-in-balls ones. or anything with hunter james and damon demarco.... and if porn's not available, titus will do.

eleven random facts about yourself:
i've been translating latin for the last three hours
i just discovered sufjan stevens
i play rugby
i don't like watching sports, excepting rugby and hockey
i once got a berry stuck up my nose trying to smell it
it's been way too long since i've been camping
i write and my worst fear is that i will not be good enough be published
i spent a summer schooling at oxford and now want to move to the UK
i'm in the middle of the memoirs of hadrian, a clockwork orange, ishmael, and paradise lost
i can no longer comprehend people not finding both sexes attractive
finding the link to maurice icons in the previous post just now made me very happy

anything else you'd like to add?: how active is this community?
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