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Women in Love DVD Release! [Jun. 7th, 2006|04:48 pm]
A community for gay movie snobs
Hey everyone,

I work for a relatively new independent LGBT film distribution company in NY called Outcast Films. Women in Love, Karen Everett's documentary about her own experiences with poly relationships, will soon be released on DVD and I just wanted to give you guys the heads up. Check out the info below and pre-order your copy of this wonderful film NOW!


“…a gem of a film!”
Bay Area Reporter

“...sexy, heartbreaking view of women's sexual and romantic obsession."

Susie Bright, Author of “The Sexual State of the Union”

“…an engaging personal dive into the “lesbian wonderland”

San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Audacious! A work that dares much and bares all.”

The Potrero Review

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, South Africa, Mix Brazil, Sidney, Boston,
Melbourne, Creteil, Seattle, St. John's, Milano, Bilbao, Barcelona

Award winning filmmaker Karen Everett (I Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs; My Femme Divine), gives us a no-holds-barred look at her sexually charged love life by revealing every juicy detail. While examining the human ability to redefine ourselves and reshape what we think "love" means, Everett masterfully weaves images of lesbians making their way through present-day sex clubs and attending masturbation seminars. Drawing on her own experience and that of her circle of lesbian, bisexual and polyamorous friends and lovers, Everett blends her own personal trials with intimate, raw and emotional moments of sexual pleasure and heart-wrenching loneliness. Karen Everett's phenonemal fifth film is her finest - a work of amazing depth and sincerity which is sure to captivate and entertain all curious audiences. Featuring Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour of S.I.R. Video and Phyllis Christopher, one of North America's leading photographers of lesbian erotica.

Special dvd features include scene selections, bonus clips including an extra scene from the "Ethical Slut" seminar, scenes from Sweet Boy and My Femme Divine, English subtitles, and a letter from Karen Everett.

PRE ORDER AND SAVE! ONLY $25! Place your order now and receive FREE shipping.

For additional information or to watch clips and place and order, please visit our website at www.outcast-films.com.


Newly launched Outcast Films is a film distribution company dedicated to the fair and equal representation of media made by or about the diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community. We are also educators and activists and want to be a vehicle for voices that may not otherwise be heard. Outreaching to thousands of educators, community leaders, activists, policy makers and breakers, institutions, and individuals, Outcast Films helps to foster critical discussions around social justice issues, as well as providing the public with a resource of cutting edge films and videos created by and impacting the LGBT community.

Other titles available through Outcast Films consist of the complete work of veteran avant-garde filmmaker Su Friedrich, including Friedrich’s classic works such as Sink or Swim, Hide and Seek, and The Ties That Bind; Barbara Hammer’s film Lover Other, the story of surrealist artist and photographer Claude Cahun; and Jim DeSeve's Tying the Knot, the awarding winning documentary on same-sex marriage.