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Hi! [Mar. 8th, 2010|07:18 pm]
A community for gay movie snobs


Name: Chew (just the way my actual name's pronounced)

Age: 19


A movie you saw recently and what you thought of it: Get Real. The ending could have ended more happily, but I guess the open ending leaves space for crazy fanfiction. The plot is very real, and the way the main character acts is more realistic (or maybe, how I would think it's better to react) than most other films. I love this show. Gonna watch it again! :D

Your opinion on abortion: If it makes the life of the mother better, or if it means the child won't be born into neglect, then okay. But I would still think a chance at a life is being taken away.

Your favorite disease, and why: Syphilis. I like the sound of it.

A great movie: A Walk to Remember

The first movie you remember having an effect on you: Deep Impact. I remember crying damn bad, just because my dad was pretending to cry.

Favorite porn: I don't know where to watch actual porn. Anyone? :)

Eleven random facts about yourself:
1. I'm straight.
2. My favourite colour is green.
3. I found the joy of gayness through fanfiction.
4. Only my second sister and I like gays in my family.
5. Everyone else in my family (I think even my parents) know I like gays.
6. My favourite food is Korean BBQ pork belly.
7. I'm not rich.
8. My favourite number is 3 because my birthday falls on that date.
9. My favourite month is December.
10. My favourite holiday is Christmas.
11. I play approximately 6 games on Facebook.

Anything else you'd like to add?:
I joined this community in hopes of getting recommendations to good gay movies and stuff. :D